"Hot Piano" by Donna Blakely

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Artist- Donna Blakely


Having had a lifelong attraction to the arts, I made the leap from admiring to creating visual art in 2008. Largely self-taught, I have shown and sold my work in number of venues such as art shows, exhibitions, and most recently my work was featured in the Biggs Museum in Dover, DE. As an avid traveler my paintings often depict locations were people of color abound. I enjoy creating colorful, captivating images, mostly figurative painted on canvas using acrylic paint. I love to tell stories in my paintings inviting viewers to join me in an experience, reflecting on a scene, and celebrating the vibrancy of people and life in it’s many forms, in one moment of time. I find that painting provides me a way to enjoy an experience over and over again.

I look forward to continually fine tuning my skills, and offering work that viewers find pleasing, promising and provoking.

donna.blakey.artist@ gmail.com



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